How to Set Boundaries and End People Pleasing for Good.

I heard the term Personal Boundaries thrown around a lot when I was living in America. Only recently did I begin to fully understand the value of boundaries and how necessary they are for healthy relationships and personal happiness. The absence of boundaries in the past lead me to be treated like a complete doormat... Continue Reading →

6 Relationship Myths that Need Debunking

Those who know me well, know that I am the furthest thing from a cynic. I doubt many would even call me a realist. In truth I’m a romantic, who believes that love is the answer to so many problems in our world. But even I need to say it. We idealize romantic love in... Continue Reading →


When thinking about the importance of trust my mind automatically goes to trust in relationships, romantic or otherwise. Without trust, deep connection cannot be achieved or maintained. Trust is the foundation of every significant relationship, with others and with yourself. So if broken, the damage can be irreparable. I’m learning that trust needs to be... Continue Reading →

5 Things to Remember After a Breakup

A few years ago, I found myself in the throes of the worst break up of my life. The experience completely disintegrated my self-esteem and eroded my dignity. I became the ‘over-emotional, needy ex-girlfriend’ that I never wanted to be. I spent what felt like years in a pain that, I later realized, was self-inflicted... Continue Reading →

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